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About us

Wrinkler Marketing Ltd - Our Pride and Joy
We believed we could make a difference; therefore we created Wrinkler Marketing Ltd to help making a better working environment. W-M-L was incorporated on 06th March 2008 and we are situated at 77, Avenue St. Paul, Vacoas, Republic of Mauritius. We are Manufacturer, Distributor, Exporter of Detergents, for Home Care and Car Care products. Our brand name for Detegents & Car Care Products are Freshy and Zaine respectively. We are distributor and stock the best brands in the industry for Body and Paint garage. Our product comes from different part of the world, 3M - USA, Mirka - France, Sagola – Spain, Gav – Italy, Car System & Carswell – Germany, Isamu Paint – Japan, Wonderful – Taiwan, Kawell – China, ShineMate – China, Jintex Textile Chemicals - Taiwan. We take time to source only the best products and raw-materials, tailor made for our local and foreign markets, after testing and evaluation of the quality.

Since the creation of W.M.L we have faced and overcome numerous challenges. By holding onto Integrity, Innovation, Service and Care, the four pillars of our company culture. By focussing on basic research, product development and continuous improvement of processes and techniques, we have been able to withstand the test of time.

Focuss on Core Competence
Continuous research and development is the foundation of never ending business success. We have worked very hard to create new products with stong added value. These are the result of working with research institutes, suppliers, customers and employing qualified professional staffs.